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Why Test?

Our Health Is Significantly Influenced by the Environment

Nowadays, we are exposed to a vast number of environmental pollutions, wherever we are staying. However, it is especially alarming when your own living spaces are contaminated with chemicals, asbestos or mould decay. Furthermore, water pipes can release toxic heavy metals and amalgam teeth fillings can liberate harmful quicksilver. These environmental influences can lead to various disturbances of health such as allergies and other diseases.

Undersupply or excess supply of mineral nutrients and trace elements can also result in insufficient performance, malaise or other illnesses. Your garden plants can suffer from lack of nutrients or be exposed to toxic elements as well.

Have you noticed any signs of being exposed to harmful influences from your environment? Do you feel sick or do you have illnesses of unknown reasons? Follow these questions before it is too late!

Our choice of various environmental analyses can help you find answers.

Moreover, we also offer a paternity test, which will clarify your familial relations.

We will send you test sets for analyses of your choice, with which you take samples at home by yourself. These samples will be sent to our laboratory and you will receive the results of the analyses along with detailed explanations and advices mailed home.

For additional help by phone please contact our experts.

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