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It all began with questions: how much of nutrients has the soil in my garden? And – how much of toxic substances? How healthy is the water running out of my tap? With questions like this customers came to the pharmacy of Dr. Guse almost daily. And he gave them answers through facts and numbers of the analyses he made.

Quickly, these services were expanded. Nowadays, the offering of "Environmental Analyses Dr. Guse" comprises also Ambient Air and Hair Mineral Analysis as well as an Amalgam Test. Dr. Guse is especially proud of his latest product: A Paternity Test with an accuracy of 99.999 %.

The idea behind the offering of "Environmental Analyses Dr. Guse" is as obvious as it is simple: client satisfaction is our primary service commitment.

The tests are analyzed by our certified laboratory (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) in Germany.


Why test?

Dr. Peter Guse.
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